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MSC Group offers you engaging new exhibitors/visitors and promotion of your exhibitions in Russia, CIS and all over the world.

Companies interested in participating/visiting Russian exhibitions meet a problem with choosing a suitable exhibition. They have not enough good information and lots of exhibitions take place at the same time.

MSC Group knows the specifity of participating Russian and foreign companies in exhibitions and can help you with it.

Your exhibition's promotion can include:

1. Internet-advertising at and other websites of MSC Group is one of the leading exhibition websites. It represents over 12 000 exhibitions and conferences all over the world. Its site traffic is over 5000 uv per day.

2. Posting special offers on visiting your exhibitions at

At we post special offers on accomodation, tour organization and other services for your guests.

3. Making data bases of prospective participators/visitors of your exhibition

In accordance with subject of your exhibition we can make a basis of companies — your prospective visitors/exhibitors. We will coordinate the basis with you.

4. Mass mailing offers to visit/participate in your exhibition

We compose offers to visit/participate in your exhibition for Russian and foreign companies. Each offer will be composed considering all your wishes. We will email or send these offers per post to companies from the basis.

5. Using a call-centre

We will organize a call-centre to offer participating/visiting your exhibition to companies from the basis.

6. Involving professionals of MSC Group

Your prospective customers will be called-out by professionals in exhibition business who can give them detailed advises.

7. Contacting mass media, organizing press conferences and Road Show

We can attract TV and radio companies, PR agencies, government institutions, first-string companies. We also can offer you publications in newspapers and magazines.

8. The "Hosted Buyers" program

Hosted buyers are special privileged buyers who are invited to the exhibition with the planned meeting timetable. This program helps you to attract specialists to your exhibition. About the program.

9. Working with other exhibitions on your field

MSC Group offers you visiting exhibitions aboard. It allows you to be familiar with the latest developments on your field and make new acquaintances.

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