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Hosted Buyers

 Hosted Buyers

MSC Group suggests to make a specialized program of business meetings "Hosted Buyers" as a part of exhibitions.

Hosted buyers are special privileged buyers who are invited to the exhibition for the purpose of meeting the interested exhibitor.

The intent of this program is making a professional exhibition by organizing meetings of exhibitors and agents of targeted events, government institutions and mass media.

As usual Hosted Buyers enjoy different privileges: free air or railway tickets, free accommodation, transfer, catalogue, badge.


Choosing of Hosted Buyers

The exhibition organizers screens out all the candidates. They usually are interested in ability of Hosted Buyers to:

1. Supplier choosing and execute procurement

2. Making financial decisions

MSC Group can help you with coordinating person specification.



Planned meetings

 All Hosted Buyers must visit several planned individual meetings with exponents for their own choice.

The success of your exhibition largely depends of  Hosted Buyers. MSC Group will be glad to help you with organizing this aspect of your exhibition.