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3D at your stand!

Bivias company together with MSC Group offers you a new advanced type of advertisement with using 3D techlogies.

We can make you an advertising clip in 3D format or convert your clip into this format. At the exhibition you can see your clip on advertising 3D monitors — they help you see 3D effects without 3D glasses.

We offer you an ultramodern media vehicle. Using 3D effect you can make your customer become best impressions of your stand.

We offer you

  • Making 3D clips,  demonstrating them on 3D monitors
  • Promoutional events
  • Full range of advertsing services
  • Monitors rent


Price-list of 3D monitors

Including VAT 18%


Price (Rub.)

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days

5 days

3D monitor

12 000

11 500

11 000

10 500

10 000


Free delivery within Moscow Ring Road.

Free technical servicing.



Price list of 3D clips



production time

adaptation price

animated 3D-slide-show

min 5 minutes

min 5 photos per day

1 photo- $18


animated 3D-slide-show using video

min 5 minutes

min 5 photos per day

1 photo - $25


converting into 3D-format

min 15 seconds

min 2 working days

min $225

animating logo

min 10 seconds

min 1 working day

min $300

simple things animating

min 15 seconds

min 2 working days

min $1000

complicated things animating

min 20 seconds

min 7 working days

min $2000


min 30 seconds

min 15 working days

min $4000

architectural visualisation + animating

min 60 seconds

min 15 working days

min $5000


The final price of the 3D-clip can be quoted only after filling in a form.


Please contact us:

+7 (495) 660-06-47

[email protected]