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Participation in exhibitions

Participation in an exhibition

You shall apply for a stand at the exhibition for 4–5 months or even a year before the exhibition beginns.

You can easy apply for a stand at the exhibition, we will quickly contact the organizers and find the best place for you!


Your cost will include:


  1. Coordination of all trade details
    • Your stand's size, its situation, outfit, budget, execution of the contract
    • Details of your trip
    • Participation in business program
  2. Working with organizers
    • Choosing stand's situation, outfit, invitation cards for your customers, badges, entry permit and removal permit
    • Recording information about your company in the catalogue of the exhibition
    • Registration in business program of the exhibition
  3. Working with transport company
    • Conversations about freight, budget, payment period
    • Conveynce control
  4. Working with developer
    • Conversations about cost, execution of the contract, stand designing, stand constructing etc.
  5. Working with staff
    • Stand-assistants, interpreters

 Other services

  1. Organizing your trip
    • Hotels, Visa, tickets
    • Transport service, cultural program, etc.
  2. Advertising
    • Coordination, debelopment, printing advertising literature
    • Delivery advertising literature to the exhibition
  3. Staff
    • Training of staff before the exhibition
  4. Web link to your site at
  5. Extra PR

Foreign exhibition — 50 000 R.
Russian exhibition — 25 000 R.