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Выставка Holy Russia Krasnoyarsk 2013

Выставка Holy Russia Krasnoyarsk

Orthodox art exhibition
Дата проведения:
7–13 июня 2013
Место проведения:
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Организатор поездок — туроператор «MSC Group»
The first exhibition «Holy Russia» was held in Krasnoyarsk in 2007. The only exhibition of its kind in the territory of Siberia and the Far East! It is part of the All-Russia Exhibition Obschetserkovnoy - Forum «Holy Russia» and a church-secular. The exhibition brings together the Russian Orthodox Church, the secular authorities and the public on conservation and development of traditional spiritual values of Russian culture, art and morality, is designed to tell you about the rich traditions of Orthodox and holidays, on the interesting history of monasteries and cathedrals of the Krasnoyarsk and other regions of Russia, to promote spiritual and the moral upbringing of young generation to provide the diversity and beauty of the icons and church plate, the depth of Orthodox literature.

At the exhibition "Orthodox Russia" temples and monasteries will be able to find helpers and benefactors, the specialists will find partners, community and church organizations to involve more people in social, educational and charitable programs. Every day on the stand of the Diocese of visitors will be able to consult a spiritual person, ask questions.

Детализация тематики выставки Holy Russia Krasnoyarsk

  • Social projects and charity
  • Spiritual center of Russia and a pilgrimage
  • Orthodox way of life, traditions
  • Churches, jewelry and art icon 
  • Church attributes
  • Military-patriotic education of youth
  • The national symbols of Russia in the folk art
  • Icon
  • Service and the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church
  • The restoration and renovation of temples and monasteries 
  • Bell casting
  • Spiritual Education and Awareness
  • Church Printing & Publishing
  • Orthodox Internet Resources
  • Applied art and folk crafts